Welcome to the Tanzania Poultry Breeders Association

To become a leader in safeguarding the interest of poultry breeders and make poultry keeping a sustainable economic activity for poverty alleviation.


To produce high quality poultry products for local and international markets.


To date the poultry sub-sector is mainly divided into a traditional and commercial production system. Traditional poultry kept are mainly chicken (90%) with the remaining small proportion being ducks, ostriches, pigeons and geese. Traditional chicken shows a high potential to improve food security, household income of rural people – particularly disadvantaged groups such as women and children. Despite traditional chicken being dominant it is still characterised by low production coefficients that are, high chick mortality, low annual egg production, low chick turnover and low annual off take.

Low production in traditional chicken is attributed to low genetic potential of indigenous ecotype chicken in terms of growth rate and egg production, poor husbandry practices in terms of low and poor quality nutrition, lack of disease control measures, poor or unavailability of houses and lack of bio-security measures and lack of commercial orientation.

The commercial poultry production system has remained infant being practiced in urban and peri-urban areas. The slow growth of commercial poultry sector has been attributed by lack of farmers focused in poultry production, high capital investment, unorganised market of poultry and poultry products, unreliable supply of day old chicks, lack of reliable supply of quality poultry feeds, high veterinary and poultry feed costs and lack of poultry processing industries.

It is intended, therefore to establish and register a strong association to cater for the need of poultry breeders who desire to address the challenges in poultry production and capture the huge potential both local and foreign.